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I am William "Russ" Sharp. I am running for Magistrate District 1 (R) on May 22nd and I would sincerely appreciate your vote.
I have lived in Logan county all of my life and in District 1 for 38 years. I have been married to Tammie "Clark" Sharp daughter of Noble Clark for 41 years. We have two children Jason Sharp - pastor of Francis Baptist Church Palatka Florida and Megan Green of Baton Rouge Louisiana. We also have three amazing grandchildren.

My goal for District 1 is to be your voice. I plan to be accessible to all in District 1 and work with honesty and integrity if given the opportunity. I thank you all for your support.

A Look Into My Platform

I Will Be Your Voice

William "Russ" Sharp

Candidate Magistrate District 1 (R)

  • As I began to contemplate the idea of running for Magistrate District 1.  The decision was not made lightly.  I thought of what I would be looking for in a Magistrate for my District.  The first and foremost thing that comes to mind is I would want someone who would listen to my concerns and would be my voice.  Relaying my concerns to the elected officials who could work with me to get things done.  

  • There are several key points in which I would like to address, keeping in mind that any and all feedback will be eagerly accepted and appreciated.  


  • This is such a vital role in our city and county government.  Everyone in our District needs to have a voice.  But not just a voice, but a voice that is heard, and acted upon.  Also communication within our elected officials is vital.  Working together with a common goal to make things happen for the good of all the people of the city of Russellville and Logan County.


  • Safety awareness is one of the most important issues we should be focused on.  As a husband, father and grandfather the safety and well being of my family is of the utmost importance.  Therefore I realize that the same holds true for all people in this District.  The children of this community are our future, therefore it is our responsibility to ensure that the schools they attend are safe and secure.  Working with all branches of local law enforcement to maintain a safe environment is vital.  Making sure that those responsible for your children are trained and prepared for any given situation.  Safety however doesn't stop at our schools.  Our Churches, sporting events and any community event that takes place should all be safe and secure.  We all as a part of this community should feel safe wherever we go throughout this community.  It is my goal to work diligently with all involved to make this a goal for everyone.


  • Growing up in this farming community I have a deep respect and admiration for the farming industry.  Having worked on farms in my youth I was taught the importance of local farming.  This area is blessed with rich farmland.  It is my duty as a citizen of this county to support our local farmers.  Which is why if elected as Magistrate of District 1, I would like to help our farmers develop and grow to be as prosperous as possible.  All the while being diligent of the environment and supporting projects that would work toward the greater good to all.  Our farmers give so much back to this community therefore supporting the local farmers also serves to support Russellville and Logan County.


  • A important part of growing this community is our local small business.  If elected as Magistrate of District 1, I would like to help work toward more businesses here in our community.  It is important that we support our local businesses.  Doing so puts our money back into our community.  Creating more jobs and community development.  As a citizen of Russellville and Logan County I would much rather spend my money right here at home, instead of having to go outside to purchase things I need for my family.  In order to do this we need businesses that offer the products needed.  This is not only for basic needs, but also for recreation and entertainment that meets the needs of our families.


  • Last but certainly not least is my commitment to District 1.  I am committed to work hard for District 1.  I will always be available, I will go to bat for this District. 

District 1 needs a voice and if given the opportunity - I WILL BE YOUR VOICE

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and for your support.  If elected I look forwarded to serving you as Magistrate of District 1

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